Science Bloggers

external image earth_from_space-small.jpgThe Science Bloggers Student Pages are created to give Mrs. Johnson's Science students a place where they can display work completed for others to view. Each time a student finishes a Science project, activity, or writing prompt, he or she can log-in to download material for all to view.
The blog is hosted by a website called The site was designed to have available free and easy-to-use blogs for elementary and middle school students. Everystudent account is password-protected, and student posts and comments are sent to Mrs. Johnson to be approved before they are published. This is to make sure that only appropriate material is published to the blog. There will be no email addresses or personal information required.
It is my hope that every student and parent will enjoy seeing what we are working on in Science the entire school year.
Click on the links below to see our blogs.
Mrs. Wilkins's Homeroom
Mrs. Johnson's Homeroom
Mrs. Pappas's Homeroom
Mr. Dickson's Homeroom